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How To Use Denture Adhesive

Cleaning and Maintaining your Dental Appliance 

Daily Cleaning

We recommend cleaning your appliance daily before and after every use. Immediately after removal, use warm water and your denture brush to remove saliva and debris from the device. When going to bed soak your appliance in just plain water overnight.

Using Cleaning Agents

For cleaning/ disinfectant of device we recommend using 5 Minute Polident. Always rinse the solution off the device with water before use. You can keep the same solution for use of up to 7 days. After 7 days use a new tablet. If needed, use a soft bristle brush to clean the inside of the device for debris removal.


-    Do not soak your appliance in the solution for longer than 5 minutes.

-    Do not use abrasive cleaning agents (i.e., toothpaste) as it can shorten the life of your appliance.

-    Do not soak the appliance in water hotter than 45 degrees C.

-    If you wear partials make sure you are still brushing your remaining teeth with toothpaste and a soft toothbrush.

-    The best way to remove the Poligrip is warm water to rinse and your denture brush.

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